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3 tips for setting up a winning LinkedIn profile

I'm seeing some squirrelly LinkedIn profiles lately.

Blurry images. Confusing headlines. And out-of-date profile pics.

Ever wandered onto someone's profile and had a hard time figuring out if you found the right person because the profile pic is so ancient? We all change over time. Get the new headshot.

It's time to start afresh. The platform is growing, and with that comes some pain as people try to figure out how to show up and what to say.

Let's start with the basics.

Here are three things you can do right now to improve your LinkedIn profile.

1. Clearly identify what you do in your banner.


2. Structure your profile headline like this:

Interesting Hook: 40 characters

Information about What You Do: 60 characters

Convert/Conversation Starter: 20 characters

Also, notice that mine is filled with keywords that people might search when looking for me. If you're stumped, start with this: I help [who] [do what] through [how]. I help [who] [do what] so that [result].


3. Update your About section.

It should identify your ideal clients, what you do, how you do it, and the benefit of what you do (what's the desired outcome?).

Also, use lots of white space and you and your. Focus on the value you bring to the client. Using I too much can come across as boastful: instead, you want to sound warm, welcoming, and confident.


If you're still struggling, email me at We can schedule a Power Hour in which I can set up your profile and give you specific tips on growing your LinkedIn connections.

Carry on.

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