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Demographics letting you down? Try this quick guide to psychographics to transform your marketing!

I'm addicted to yoga. Sure, I'm all about the peace and love. But I'm also a tad competitive. I want to be stronger and more flexible than the Gen Z yogini beside me. It's a great reminder to slow down. Breathe. Try to appreciate what's around me.

After all, life moves pretty fast.


And because I love marketing, I started thinking about how I would start a social media strategy if I owned a studio.

We all know what demographics entail (age, gender, religion, income, education, and more). Think of this as hard data. But that information will only get you so far when considering a yoga audience. Yoga attracts people of all ages, genders, religions, income levels, and educational backgrounds.

What's more helpful is psychographics.

Psychographics is a dive into what your buyers' personality is like. (values, attitudes, interests, desires, lifestyle, morals, beliefs, etc.)

1. So if I were working on a strategy for a yoga studio, I would start with something like this:

Values: family, community, improving others' lives

Attitudes: kindness, inclusivity, humor, open-mindednessInterests: plants, animals, healthy food

Desires: peace seekers, authenticity, anti-stress, honesty

And so on.

2. I would map out a persona based on character and personality

3. Then I'd develop content on what I know will speak to them. Maybe I'd test some of these tactics. 

Give tips on growing plants, including my catastrophic failures.

My sweet pugs would often be in the background when I give breathing or alignment tips.

Schedule community events in the studio.

You get the idea.

But whatever I post, it has to come from an authentic place. I'd focus on giving to my yoga community, not taking.

Need more marketing advice? Drop me an email to set up a discovery call.


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