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Don't lose your Facebook Account!

Recently someone reached out to me who'd lost her Facebook account. It was a huge mess. Her profile was linked to two essential business Pages, and it contained important messages from someone who had recently passed away.

She received an email notification from Facebook that someone had changed her email address, but she ignored the notice, deleted it, and then emptied her trash.Unfortunately, her plight is becoming a common one as more and more people are losing their Facebook profiles. It can be a HUGE struggle to get it back. So I've compiled this list of things to help you keep your account safe!

  1. No doppelgängers! Facebook has some strict rules on having duplicate accounts, except for those "4 additional accounts" allowed through your main profile. Having multiple profiles with the same name? That's a NO.   

  2. Use your REAL name, especially if you want to reclaim your account if the worst happens. With your real name, you'll have an easier time getting your account back.  

  3. When you get those sketchy emails or messages, don't click on the links. Facebook WON'T send you a love note before they ban, restrict, or disable your account. No warning, nada!   

  4. Do not let your VA or anyone else log in as you! Full stop. Impersonating someone, which includes logging in as someone else, is against Facebook's terms and conditions, and they are cracking down.  

  5. Turn on 2-Factor ID.   

  6. Make sure your email address and phone number are current. If you used an email address from a job you no longer have or an email account you deleted, update your Facebook information now. If someone tries to access your account, you'll get an email and can easily get your account back.

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