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5 Easy Steps to Creating an Amazing Thank-You Note

People love the thoughtfulness of a handwritten thank-you note. I've visited clients' offices and seen them pinned to bulletin boards and posted on walls.

Why? Because people need encouragement and are drawn to gratitude. And this is true now more than ever. (Bonus: You'll stay top-of-mind for longer than a hot minute.)

But maybe you're stuck with the actual content part--the horror of the blank page and the fear that you'll sound fake. There's hope! Here's my formula to put a little ease in your process.

5 Easy Steps to Creating an Amazing Thank-You Note

1. Thank them for the gift/meeting/experience.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet me yesterday and sharing with me your vision for 2021!"

2. Acknowledge a personal attribute. (This is actually the secret sauce because it lets them know you really SAW and UNDERSTAND them. Be very specific.)

"Your expertise, creativity, and kindness radiate from everything you do. In particular, I loved your enthusiasm about your new initiative with Habitat for Humanity."

3. Talk about the future--maybe excitement over a partnership or a time to meet again or a deliverable you're going to send.

"I'm looking forward to partnering with you to make amazing, scroll-stopping content that solidifies and builds relationships."

4. Include a closing remark.


5. Maybe a P.S. that's a bit off-topic but shows you were listening and delivers value.

"P.S. Just a reminder, the photographer I highly recommend for headshots is Richard Israel, and I just saw on this website that he's running a promotion."

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