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Can everyone really be hustling?

It seems like everyone is hustling. Maybe they're showing how their side hustle is making them rich. Maybe they're posting photos of expensive vacations or cars. Or maybe they make it seem like they're working 24/7. No one is working 24/7. And if they are, they're doing something wrong. It got me thinking about how people measure success and how it's different for everyone. Yes, having a financial goal is part of how I measure success. But I also want

  • Clients who are a good match for the way I work

  • More time with my family

  • Less stress in my day-to-day life

  • Creative, fulfilling work

  • Flexible work hours

  • Time to walk the dogs and practice yoga and hang out with friends

How do you measure success? I hope it has plenty of margin for all the things that spark joy in your life. And if you find yourself distracted by how someone else measures success, remember that social media is usually the highlight reel of people's lives. No one is hustling 24/7.

Baxter and Cooper second my focus on prioritizing their walkies. :)

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