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Has your Instagram & Facebook growth flattened?

Maybe you're struggling to get to 1,000 followers or 5,000 followers. (But have you taken care of the people who already follow you? Do you always comment back? Do you follow their content and engage?)

Or maybe you're not as passionate as you once were about social media so your consistency has fallen off. (This is SUPER important. Showing up on a regular basis grows followers.)

Or perhaps your content has gotten a bit, you know, dry or boring or angry. (GASP!) There's a time for anger and I've seen many people do it very well while others simply don't.

Recently, someone I barely know blasted me on Facebook for buying my coffee at Starbucks. I was caught completely flat-footed, surprised that someone had m

ade all kinds of assumptions about me based on a cup of coffee (which I enjoyed very much). Most of the time I buy coffee from small businesses. The one time I don't, in steps an angry voice.

[So my one piece of advice that I hope you'll take to heart is to consistently engage with your followers as you provide educational, emotional, and entertaining content.] And try to dial back the rage when it's unwarranted. :)

Next week, I'll unpack how you can develop more of that kind of content.

But for right now, focus on people who are already giving you attention.

If you need help with your social media, let's have coffee--at an independent coffee shop :)

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