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Need to create videos for social media? Try these 3 apps!

Ever wonder how people create beautiful videos so easily?

Not professionally produced. Just organic content that's been edited and polished up.

For day-to-day social media posts, most people don't need a professional videographer. They can use their phones to take clear videos and then upload them to one of these easy-to-use apps:

Captions creates captions quickly and lets you customize the colors. It will identify "dead spaces" in your video and let you easily delete them so that your video is tighter and feels more immediate. Ever notice on TikTok that a lot of creators have very tightly clipped videos? That's how they do it.

Mojo is my go-to video editor. I love all the choices and it's easy to browse through them and quickly see how many photos/videos you'll need to fully utilize their templates.

CapCut is another good video editor and seems to load trending music and styles fast. I used it to create this before-and-after video of my dog Cooper.

As always, if you get stuck and need some help, text or call me at 704-956-7895..

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