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Need to build brand awareness? Repurpose, reuse, and repeat social media content

LOUDER for the people in the back.

You’re the only one who sees 100% of your social media content.

I reminded a client of this the other day because the taglines, copy, and art we repurpose often start to look tired to us.

But they’re not tiredto our audience.

And effective branding on social media means we iterate constantly. Familiarity is part of what leads to conversions.

✔️ Taglines should be used often so that they are easily recognized with your brand.

✔️ Copy can be reused as well but you may need to edit by expanding or shortening text, trying a new example, or leaning more heavily into the benefit of your product or service.

✔️ My rule of thumb with an image or post is to reshare it every 4-5 months until it stops performing well. If it's working, why switch it up?

A couple more pieces of advice.

If you see that something is working on social media, dig into why. Try to figure out if it's the image, text, timing of the post, etc. that people are responding to. Take that knowledge and try to create more content like that.

And if you see that something is not working, do a post-mortem on that as well. If that kind of post consistently underperforms, you may want to strike it from the rotation.

Or you could just call me.

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