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Social media fatigue?

I get it. But waiting for the muse to show up is not a strategy.

Instead, focus on educational, emotional/inspiring, and entertaining content.

But that can be easier said than done.

So start with the problem you solve for people. Let's say you're a real estate agent. Here are a few problems you solve right now:

1. Educational & Emotional. You know that low-interest rates mean that many people can afford more home than they could a year ago.

[Post a short video explaining this and then offer to connect them to your lender, but do not put the name of the lender on the post. You want them to call YOU. Appeal to their emotions (and introduce a small pain point) by reminding them that the rates won't last.]

Below is my version of that. I want to educate people on best practices but also want to create a little emotional pain point so that they call me.

2. Educational, Inspiring & Entertaining. You know what kind of upgrades add value to homes.

[Share a gorgeous upgrade from a local designer and then explain why it is worth the investment. Maybe even do a multiple-choice question so that they can pick their favorite feature.]

3. Educational & Entertaining. You know where the best restaurants are.

[I'm not a huge fan of most food photos, mostly because food is hard to photograph and almost always looks unappetizing. It's also a little cliché. But a photo of a drink or a unique patio with your recommendation will work well.

This one does a little triple duty: celebrates a day, shows a great patio and drink, and amuses--after all, 10am IS a little early for cocktails.

4. Educational & Entertaining. You know about unique small businesses.

[One that I've done recently is to recommend Lake Norman Supply, which sells masks and hand sanitizer. I tagged the business and helped people find something they needed urgently.]

5. Entertaining & Emotional. You know yourself.

[Hopefully. And as an expert on all things Elisabeth, I often share about my world-class pugs, weird things my husband and son say, general nonsense I see in the world, and something I find funny. What could you share that would entertain your followers and make you more personal and accessible?]

Actually, I'm jk about the unfriend part. But the post spoke to a particular moment in time, is succinct, and shows my tense of humor. :)

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